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LA GLOBAL TEXTILES LLCImport & Export Fabrics for Local Wholesaler (Fabric Companies),

 & Manufacturers Around The World.

LA Global  Textile,LLC - Textile Importers, Domestic Converters for Knits , Woven and Print along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat!

LA Global  Textile provides Knit & Woven, Print & Solid, Top & Bottom Line with hundred shades of colors.

MJ TEXTILE Division Team Specialize in Designing and Producing Various Types of  Domestic Knitted

 Fabric to Fulfill a Broad range of Customers' needs. Our engineers are able to provide recommendations in

 selection of Yarn ,Fabric Construction and Knit Designs for Specific Applications with standard

Quality Control & New  Developments.

MJ Textiles Knit all kind of Novelty fabrics with using the circular knitting machines .

We strictly control each step of the production process.Our fabric quality ,softness,and durability and other involved performance can be matched exactly as per buyer's requirements. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise MJ has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

FABRICONLY.COM  Division, Provides Novelties Fabrics retail Sale on Line & ship Globally .

On Line Fabric Consists of French Novelties Fur , Spicial Copy Righted Print Designs With Repeat of Up To 60"  ,

Sequences Fabrics ,Laces ,Night NOvelty Dress Fabric and Rare and Unique Fabrics. 


WE specialized in Print such as Wet , Pigment , Paper, Digital and laminated prints on various type of fabrics.

Our Ceo

Michael Jahromi, President of LA Global  Textile graduated with a major in Mathematics, a Systems Engineer and a Doctorate in Business Administration. He was connected in knitting and dye house prior assuming the position of President. His 15 years of extensive experience in the knitting , dye house & textile business qualifies him to be an expert in textile business specializing in domestic knit & print .

Knowledge in international business as DBA make him most qualify person to combine textile industries knowledge with Global Marketing Technic to provide a best system to import & export Globally in order to serve the customers more efficiently . 


Knowledge & Development are two Major Keys in LA Global  Textile Inc. Competition in fast trends Of Fashion industries.

img_1543.png  knit machine.png    

Our Showroom In California Mart In Los Angeles


Call LA Global Textile,LLC. at (213) 627-0034  today!



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